About Us

hens in fieldBrittle Barn Farms is a start-up poultry farm founded in 2012 in Bellingham, Washington.  We moved in 2015 to our current location at 709 West Wiser Lake Road Ferndale Wa 98248.  Owned and operated by environmentally conscious, young farmers, Brittle Barn utilizes traditional meth­ods of raising livestock with responsible land-stewardship, an eye toward food justice, and minimal fossil fuel input.

The farm is comprised of 110-acres of pasture, wetlands, and young woodlands located just 10 miles outside of Bellingham city limits. On this acreage grows non-cer­tified organic fruit, vegetables, grain, Icelandic sheep, pastured pigs, pasture raised cows, contemporary broilers and sundry heritage poultry varieties.

Spring timePoultry is the primary output of our farm. All of our birds are fed a diet of high-protein organic locally mixed feed, fresh fruits and veggies, greens and grubs. Hand-raised, free-ranged on pasture, they have limitless access to exercise during daylight hours, providing a meal high in omega 3, nutrients, and flavor.

We select fast-growing contemporary and heritage breeds with strong foraging instincts, to produce a good-sized bird at an affordable price. White Cornish cross chickens average a dress weight of 4 lbs. Red Ranger chickens average a dress weight of 3.5lbs.  The Embden geese are all dark meat and average a dress weight of 8 lbs. The Bourbon Red turkeys, a heritage breed known for their biological fitness and superior flavor, average a dress weight of 12 lbs and the contemporary turkeys average 19lbs dressed.  Lamb will be offered for the first time in Fall of 2015 and pork will be added at the beginning of Summer 2015.

spring sheepTo date, our market has enthusiastically welcomed our prod­ucts. The prices we set allow us to continue to provide quality wholesome foods to populations of all income levels.  The best prices can be found on the farm but you can also find us at the Bellingham Farmers Market on Saturdays, at the Cordata Co-op, and Carne on State St in Bellingham.